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            My Favorite City—Zhuhai 我最喜歡的城市——珠海

            Source: 恒星英語學習網    2019-08-02  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

            My favorite city is Zhuhai, because it isthe most comfortable living place. The following reasons can support my view.


             Firstly, because of its good location, theweather is so excellent. For example, spring is sunny and breezy; summer is hotand rainy; autumn is cool and pleasant; winter is warm.


             Secondly, Zhuhai is renowned for its natural beauty.When you are in Zhuhai, you can find green plants everywhere. They can offer usthe fresh air. Especially in spring days, the trees are sprouting and theflowers are blooming. It must be a wonderful place where we can enjoy the birdsand flowers.


             Thirdly,Zhuhai is near to the sea, so that we can have the happiest time at the seasidein summer days. It is said that the seaside is the most beautiful place in theworld. While facing the sea, we can get a lot of refreshment; while facing thesea, we can relax ourselves; while facing the sea, we can broaden our vision;while facing the sea, we can embrace our nature.


             What's more, there's a very big shopping mallin the downtown area. At that place, you can buy everything you want andeverything you need. The prices are quite reasonable. So Zhuhai is also aheaven for the shoppers.


             Lastbut not least, Zhuhai is very close to Macao. If you are at the seaside inZhuhai, you can also see some famous buildings of Macao. They are the modernwestern styles. And they are so fantastic. In another words, Zhuhai is the mostwonderful place in the human land. It enjoys the same reputation with theparadise.


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