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South Africa’s finance minister laid out plans to provide Eskom, which generates most of the country’s electricity, with another rescue, this time worth 59bn rand ($4.2bn). Moody’s, a credit-rating agency, said that because the embattled utility is ever more dependent on bail-outs it would regard Eskom’s debt as part of the government’s.

The Federal Reserve took the unusual step of qualifying the remarks of a senior official to reassure markets that they had not been made in relation to the central bank’s forthcoming decision on interest rates. Speculation that the Fed might cut its benchmark rate by half a percentage point, rather than a quarter, mounted after John Williams, who heads the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, said that he supports aggressive easing. Donald Trump, a critic of the Fed’s recent monetary tightening, seized on the remarks, saying they underlined its “faulty thought process”.
美聯儲(FED)采取了不同尋常的措施,對一位高級官員的言論進行了限定,以安撫市場,並稱這些言論並非針對美聯儲即將做出的利率決定。紐約聯邦儲備銀行行長約翰·威廉姆斯(John Williams)表示支持激進的寬松政策後,有關美聯儲可能將基准利率下調0.5個而不是0.25個百分點的猜測迅速升溫。批評美聯儲最近收緊貨幣政策的特朗普(Donald Trump)利用這番言論做文章,稱其凸顯出美聯儲“錯誤的思維過程”。

Costs related to the overhaul of its business pushed Deutsche Bank to a 3.2bn euros ($3.5bn) net loss in the second quarter, its biggest quarterly loss in four years. The German bank booked about half of a restructuring charge it will take as it retreats from trading and slashes 18,000 jobs over the next three years.

Nissan confirmed it would cut 12,500 jobs worldwide, or 10% of its workforce, by 2022, as it curtails capacity. The Japanese carmaker has struggled in recent years. Profit in the latest quarter fell by 95% compared with the same three months last year, to ¥6.4bn ($58m).

General Motors delayed the large-scale roll-out of its autonomous-car ride-hailing service, which it has developed in collaboration with Cruise, its self-driving-car unit. It had hoped to deploy a fleet of robotaxis on the roads of San Francisco by the end of this year, but the launch has been delayed indefinitely. GM, like its competitors, is still dealing with technical obstacles and unresolved regulatory questions.

In the week when Tesla dismayed investors with another disappointing quarterly earnings report, Ford unveiled an electric-powered prototype of its f-150 pickup truck in response to a claim by Elon Musk that Tesla’s rival model would have better “functionality”. Ford’s f-series pickups are the best-selling cars in America. In a show of strength, its prototype pulled a freight train for 1,000 feet, a direct challenge to Mr Musk’s boast about the better performance of his new vehicle.

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